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Privacy policies mentioned below are applied to the usage of the services by

Privacy Policy Agreement

This agreement states the usage, collection, and sharing of the individual's personal information that we collect on Couponado. If the user has any concern regarding their personal information’s usage; the user must discontinue using is committed to protecting the personal information of its users regardless of new or existing. We care about your privacy, and the data we collect is what you input while signing up. do not sell, share, surrender, unveil, or rent out, any personal information of our users to third party organizations. We are not authorized to hand over personal data of users without permission excluding as we have described in the privacy policy and the legal notice.

If any information regarding the personal data is incorrect or partial; users are requested to rectify the information within the frame of the privacy policy.

Upon entering Couponado following information is collected spontaneously:

  • User’s I.P. address and domain name
  • Operating system’s information and type of internet browser
  • Length and time user browsed on Couponado’s site
  • The number of webpages user visited on websites
  • Information about the number of stores visited by a user

Applications Of User’s Data

All the information Couponado’s website collects is for purely administrative use only. It includes:

  • Count per day visit on the site
  • Count of visitors on individual webpages
  • Identifying the referral sources from Couponado
  • Type of technology utilized in accessing information; such as hardware medium

The application of user’s data assists couponado’s website in regards to the sustenance of website and improvement in quality and content. Other applications may include enhancement of security, communicate in regards to the services provided by Couponado, and answer all the queries or comments.

Couponado uses the information to send promotive information material such as newsletters, exclusive offers, updates, etc. The personal information is at times required for tracking and evaluating ads as well as for R&D purposes. Couponado’s website needs personal data of the users at times to identify and rectify technological issues and to address legitimate requests.

Security Of Data

All the information a user inputs on Couponado for subscribing or when contacting us for any matter or in regards to any query; with state-of-the-art encryption protocols and other security techniques, we ensure complete data protection. Couponado protects the user’s data from the mentioned losses:

  • Fortuitous loss
  • Preclude leakage, obliteration, consumption, and illicit access
  • Cataclysm rescue
  • Guarantee security of business stability
  • Constrain access to subjective data
  • Train suppliers and workforce on data security policies
  • Utilizing security reviews and indentures to administer third-party venture
  • Policies are highlighted when conducting confidentiality affect valuations

Couponado’s site only preserves and uses the information to obey with the legitimate patent obligations, resolve any challenging differences, and administer the contract by the United States accounting and taxation decrees.

No Liability For Other Websites

Couponado will not be held accountable for websites affiliated with it. We, by no means, control any site other than Couponado. All the connected websites with Couponado are for purely user’s appliance. Couponado, by no means, is responsible for the content available on other sites, nor are we responsible for privacy policies and practices. These are purely other website's matter. The privacy policy of Couponado is regulated on this website only. To avoid any unfortunate occurrence, we encourage our users to familiarize themselves and go through other sites privacy policies as well.

Modifications In The Privacy Policy

There are no plans of transferring Couponado’s website elsewhere, but if that is to happen in the future; we will inform all of Couponado’s users about the transfer. All the rights are reserved for making any future modifications or amendments in the privacy policy at any given time, without prior notice. Nonetheless, the modified privacy policy will be displayed on Couponado’s privacy policy section, and it will be in effect as soon as it is posted.

The user must review the privacy policy sporadically to be familiar with modifications if any. Continual use of Couponado’s site after amendments will establish that the user approves the changes, it institutes as acceptance and acknowledgement on the user's behalf.

Legitimate Matters

Couponado will disclose user’s personal information in response to public establishments and law enforcing agencies. However, a user's data will only be revealed when it is absolutely necessary to ensure the website's rights and safety. Responding to government's ultimatum, inspect deceit matters, obey the Supreme Court's command, or any jurisdictional proceedings.

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