Frequently Asked Questions - Couponado

Couponado is a coupon website from where you can redeem hundreds of coupons codes every day for various stores. We have multiple categories for our users to shop top quality products in discounted rates. Couponado is a perfect website when you are looking for saving money. For people who have a flair for clipping coupons – this website is heaven on Earth. From kitchen to children, and from household to sports equipment, you’ll find incredible discount codes daily.

To help you understand the concept behind the usage of coupon and discount codes, we have highlighted a few essential FAQs.

1) What are coupon codes?

Coupon codes are computer-generated codes you can avail from a coupon website. These coupon codes are used to get access to exclusive offers and discounts from your favourite online stores.

2) Which merchants offer coupon codes?

Almost every merchant who has an e-commerce platform offers coupon codes with various discounts according to the market.

3) How many types of coupon codes are available on Couponado?

You can find almost every category’s coupon codes on Couponado. You can get coupons that offer a fixed discount, free shipping, buy-one-get-one-free offers, etc.

4) How to use coupon codes?

Couponado’s user-friendly interface makes redeeming coupon codes for your favourite store easy. When you select the store, you wish to make an online purchase from; click on “get code,” and Couponado’s site will redirect you to the eCommerce platform of the brand you are interested in. You can easily enter the coupon code and checkout.

5) Do Coupon codes really save money?

Yes, every coupon code available at Couponado’s site saves a significant amount of money. You can cross-check the discount mentioned on the coupon code while checking out from the website.

6) Why isn't my coupon code working?

Sometimes, due to poor internet connectivity coupon codes transmission gets interrupted. If not, you may be facing the following problems:

7) Can I enter my coupon codes after checkout?

No. We suggest entering your redeemed coupon code into the promotional box. There are high chances users forget to punch in the code and check-out of the website. You cannot enter the coupon codes afterwards.

8) Exclusive coupon codes for customers?

There are various stores which provide loyal customers with exclusive codes which are not available on Couponado’s website. Exclusive coupon codes are emailed to the customer directly by the store.

9) What happens when I enter a product-specific coupon code?

Product-specific coupon codes work slightly different than a traditional coupon code. When you enter product-specific coupon codes while you have three items in your cart; you’ll receive discount individually on all those three items. (Three is an example, you can get numerous articles for a product-specific code)

10) How can I amplify my coupon code’s discount?

Coupon codes available on Couponado are quite good in terms of the discounts they offer, but you still wish to amplify the discount’s width try combining coupon codes with sales on store. For instance; you can combine a “Save 15% on Tops” with the store that is offering “Free shipping.”

11) Can I use two deals at once?

Some merchants let their customers avail two deals on the same instance. For example; you can avail a coupon code which offers a percentage of off (20 or 30%) as well as offer free shipping. This way, customers save big.

But, few sellers who request their customers to choose one promo code for every order they place. While facing this situation, go with the coupon code.

12) When can I start redeeming coupon codes from Couponado?

Unlike other coupon websites, Couponado does not require a login or signup, which delays the redeeming of codes. You can avail a coupon code instantly.

And you are done!!

Couponado values their customers time and wishes to help them in saving money. These are a few questions most of our customers inquire. Couponado tries its best to facilitate its customers so they can have unforgettable couponing and shopping experience. For any further information or inquiry; feel free to reach out to us through our contact us page.