Winter Hair Care Routine | 3 Hair Care Tips for winter

Winter Hair Care Routine | 3 Hair Care Tips for winter

If you are fond of colder places, then you must know hair care tips for winter. It is because this weather is harsh on all sorts of hair textures and types. Just like skin, hair requires protection from the cold to maintain softness and dryness. You can defend your hair and fight against whipping winds,

If you are fond of colder places, then you must know hair care tips for winter. It is because this weather is harsh on all sorts of hair textures and types. Just like skin, hair requires protection from the cold to maintain softness and dryness.

You can defend your hair and fight against whipping winds, arctic hair, indoor heat, and static electricity. So, if you want to have lovely locks that you can show off during spring, follow our winter hair care tips for women.

1-    Hair Care Tips For Winter

Hair Care in winter

Winter is considered as the most damaging season for your hair. The chilly days outdoors with central heating indoors makes a dangerous combination for your hair. It dries your follicles until it is empty of shine and volume.

Nevertheless, by following the right tips to take care of your hair in winter, you can fight winter weakness. Read our guide and keep your hair away from feeling brittle and limp.

Treat Your Hair under the Shower

This method consists of three different tips for your winter hair care routine that you can follow.

Wash Your Hair Infrequently

It is not important to wash your hair every day during winters. You can use shampoo only twice or thrice in a week. It is better to leave your hair intact in its natural oils for good health. Only lather your favorite shampoo a little bit.

In case your scalp is extremely oily and requires frequent washing, apply shampoo on your scalp and roots while leaving other areas alone. Make sure to keep away from over rinsing, as it will further destroy your hair’s natural texture.

Use Conditioner Regularly

It is necessary to use a conditioner after your shower during the cold weather. In fact, your winter hair care routine must include formulas that are more intensive during winter.

Apply a pre-wash conditioner before you damp your hair. Then re-condition your hair after washing off the shampoo. Make sure to use one with a leave-in formula for adding moisture.

Keep Away From Using Hot Water

It is no doubt that a hot shower during the cold season seems magic. However, it works as haunt for your hair. Therefore, it is necessary to lower the temperature of your shower to lukewarm, before you plan to soak your head underneath its stream.

During the wash, lower it further from cool to cold. Use cold water to seal all cuticles of your hair and trap natural oils within.

2-     Nurture Your Hair

Nurture Your Hair

This method consists of seven effective hair care tips for winter that you can follow.

Moisturize Your Hair Overnight

Essential oils are very important among the hair care tips for women. Spray a light mist of vitamin E oil in your hair before you go to bed. Now, use a wide-tooth comb to apply it thoroughly on your hair. It will help you to restore your hair’s moisture during the sleep.

Condition Your Hair Deeply

It is okay to use a conditioner during your shower. Nevertheless, you must add a deep condition treatment to your weekly hair care routine. Prefer a product that consists of many antioxidants.

Beauty experts often recommend using homemade recipes. For instance, a mixture of egg yolk with coconut oil and avocado can be ideal for the scalp.

Gently Brush Your Hair

Keep away from over brushing your hair. In addition, brushing it too hardly can be harmful. Remember, winter gets your hair drier and brittle; hence, it is pulled out easily.

Prefer a wide-tooth comb or use one with natural bristles. Run it through your hair gently for unlocking tangles. You can lubricate it with essential oils and brush your hair twice a week.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

It is necessary to prevent dry ends from moving upward during winters. Thus, remove these on a timely basis for better trims.

If you are trying to maintain the current hair-length, trim it monthly. However, if you are planning to grow your hair longer, trim it in every two months.

Focus On Your Diet

Do you know, drinking eight glasses of water every day can hydrate your hair? You can also improve your hair health by adding healthy fats in your diet. It will help thicken your follicles.

Try to balance your diet by adding lean proteins, leafy greens, and fruits rich in vitamin A and zinc.

Prevent Your Hair from Direct Heat

Winters naturally take away your hair’s moisture; therefore, it is better to prevent the use of blow dryers and curling irons. Try to let your hair air-dry or quicken it with a gentle towel massage.

In case, you are running late and must use a hair dryer, try to keep a minimum distance of one foot. It will lower the chances of drying the base of your cuticles.

Tie Your Hair Up

No matter if, your hair is short or long. Always try to style it in an up-do during winters. It will minimize exposure of your follicles to the dry weather. You can tie a bun and keep hair closer to the source of natural oils.

  • For longer hair, think of twisted chignon, ballerina bun, French-twist chignon, and French-braided chignon
  • For medium hair, prepare a low bun, low-braided knot, simple chignon, and textured bun.
  • For curly hair, select weaves, faux locks, crochet braids, and box braids.

3-     Help Your Hair with the Right Clothes

Hair with the Right Clothes

This method consists of four ideas that you can to your hair care tips for winter and follow.

Protect Your Hair with a Scarf

Cover your hair and protect its moisture in this climate. Wrap a scarf before you step out of your comfort zone. Prioritize a silk scarf as other fabrics like cotton and wool will result in building static currents. Due to this, hair starts to stick in unusual places, cling to the face, and behave badly.

Carry a Hat

If you are not comfortable with a scarf, use a hat to keep your head warm in winters. Hats always help protect your hair from snow, rain, and wind. For more, you can wrap a silk scarf around your hair to lower the chances of static electricity.

In case you do not have a silk scarf, wear a cotton hat rather than the one made of acrylics or silk. Prioritize the material when you follow fashion guides regarding hair care tips for women.

Remove Turtlenecks from Your Stock

If you have currently prepared a winter capsule wardrobe, exclude turtlenecks from it. Long hair and turtlenecks are enemies so, it is better to avoid wearing it. Also, reduce the number of times you brush your hair.

The cold air and low humidity during winters can dry out your hair quickly. As a result, over-brushing damages the brittle hair follicles. So, avoid the need to wear such a neck.

Apply Fabric Softener

When you wash your clothes during winters, always use a fabric softener. It will help reduce the chances of static currents buildup in your hair.

Keep in mind while washing hats and any outfits that you will pull above your head. Also, use it only for fabrics like acrylics and wool.

Do Follow These Hair Care Tips for winter

Follow these hair care tips for winter with an extra effort. It will help you keep your hair hydrated and great this season. Checkout our tips and update your winter hair care routine like a pro.


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