Garage Conversion Ideas – Remodeling Solutions for Your Home

Garage Conversion Ideas – Remodeling Solutions for Your Home

When you require extra living space in your house, garage conversion ideas can be your best bet. Building a room in a garage can be an attractive option, and also one that needs creativity. The budget will depend upon the plans, location, and purpose of a garage makeover. However, it is still a better deal

When you require extra living space in your house, garage conversion ideas can be your best bet. Building a room in a garage can be an attractive option, and also one that needs creativity. The budget will depend upon the plans, location, and purpose of a garage makeover. However, it is still a better deal because the price no matter what will be half of what an individual will spend on building any home addition from the start.

You can convert a garage to a living space if you focus on the major aspect of remodeling it. There are many things you an owner needs to consider like raising the floor, adding a ventilation system, insulating the walls, and assuring about the cooling and heating coordination. Moreover, it is necessary to upgrade the doors, windows, or any stairs if present in your garage.

Before you start breaking the door and tearing the wallpaper of your space, prepare a few garage design ideas for assistance. It is necessary to assure that the garage makeover is the right option for you.

Garage Conversion Ideas – When to Plan a Makeover?

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When you are looking to increase space in the house without beginning a new project, garage makeover counts. Likewise, if you are not planning to spend a fortune, this idea is worthwhile. Interestingly, you can use DIY Direct discount codes for saving further.

There are four different conditions when garage conversion ideas can be ideal.

*) Your garage has an amendable door – If you believe your garage door will work well as a replacement for brand new patio doors or a creative entrance, things are fine. Understand that a converted space must not give a view of being a garage in history. In this case, you can also try to build a new wall for remodeling.

*) Your garage does not require luxury ventilation – Converting a garage means saving extra expenses. Therefore, check your HVAC system before any planning and assure if it is capable of managing an additional room in the house. Only if the answer is yes, expand the ventilation system for covering your garage. However, if you still wish to spend money, try updating the system in a thrifty way.

*) Your garage supports the required plumbing – If your garage conversion ideas mean, converting a garage into a bedroom, or you want to add a bathroom or kitchen inside, begin with plumbing services. It takes time in adding extra plumbing lines and drainage systems. Most often, this step can exceed your planned budget.

*) Your garage will not eliminate storage and parking – When you convert a garage to a living space, it is obvious that you are eliminating storage and parking area permanently. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you have extra space for these chores. An additional room that kills space for the toolbox, lawnmower, and parking is of no use.

Do You Need A Permit For A Garage Conversion?

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A permit is crucial to support your garage conversion ideas. Since you are mending the way space was constructed, it is necessary to have building permits. However, this varies as per your location. To apply for this permit, the simplest way is to contact the zoning facility of your city.

Also, you may require an architect who can submit a floor plan when applying for a building permit. A license will ensure the following points,

*) Your plan meets the standard of building codes and local regulations for living spaces.

*) You are adding a permitted number of entrances, exits, and windows in the space.

*) The height of your garage’s ceiling and the total outlets are not against the standards.

Keep in mind; numerous city ordinances may restrict a particular amount of parking space that could be a hurdle in converting your garage. Most often, an inspection team may visit your area to make sure you are not breaking any rules.

What Is The Estimated Cost Of A Garage Makeover?

Estimated Cost Of A Garage Makeover

There is no particular formula for finding out the exact cost of a garage conversion. It utterly depends on the size of your garage and the type of room you will be adding. Generally, a two-vehicle garage can introduce a considerable 600sqft of space.

Regardless of including a bathroom or kitchen, a garage makeover can cost from $6,000 t0 $50,000. According to Thumbtack, the U.S. average cost of this project estimates from $10,000 to $15,000. An additional bathroom can increase the budget to $25,000.

What Are The Most Popular Garage Room Ideas?

Building a room in a garage is an entirely customizable idea. You can convert a garage to a living space of many types as long as you follow the building standards. According to the location of your house and the purpose to remodel, there are multiple garage room ideas that you can consider.

Garage conversion ideas consist of the following ones,

*) Building a kitchen-diner

*) Creating a home office

*) Constructing a home gym

*) Adding a guest bedroom

*) Forming an art studio

Subjected to the type of garage living you want, installing an entrance door for visitors also be an option.

Converting a garage into a kitchen-diner

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If you are planning to blend your garage and the kitchenette, consider knocking out the middle wall. It will transform your space into one spacious kitchen-diner.

Begin by adding a roof lantern or track lighting for illuminating it and making the place feel more spacious. For those looking to complement a little privacy, breaking the garage into two with sliding doors will work wonders. It is better if you allow the light to enter in both the partitions of such garage conversion ideas.

Also, you can hang pendant lights in each portion of the kitchen. Soon after getting done with the plumbing and drainage, consider a dining table in the kitchen that sits perfectly with overall furnishings.

Converting a garage into a bedroom

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If you are looking for garage conversion ideas worth consideration, then a bedroom is the best choice. Here, extending the garage area is a smart way of remodeling your space. You can also complement an additional staircase while building a room in the garage. It will help stabilize the ground floor and the first floor of your remodeled space.

Keep in mind, if the new bedroom you are creating is for a family member, you must connect with the rest of the house. Moreover, installing furniture in this area will depend upon your choice of bedroom interior designs.

You can also create an additional bathroom, kitchen, and shower in the garage for perfection.

Converting a garage into a home office

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Switch to corporate garage conversion ideas now. You can also recreate your garage into a home office. It is an ideal approach because most of the garages are located away from the main living area. Therefore, an owner will quickly use the space for manufacturing a self-contained workplace.

Try to set up your workstation as per your plan and business niche. Depending on the size of your garage, install furniture and electronics in the space. Look forward to smart small office interior designs if you want to build a multipurpose home office.

Converting a garage into a home gym

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Fitness lovers will adore the idea of transforming a garage into a home gym. You can think of a garage makeover and fill it with your workout gear. It is a considerable plan for excluding large gym equipment from your living space.

Building a room in a garage will help install treadmills and heavy elliptical machines. Also, you can manufacture a slip-resistant floor in this area dissimilar to the other spaces of your house. Moreover, it is the best bet for adding a soundproof system and air conditioning or air separation unit.

Things to Consider Before a Garage Makeover

There are a few significant points that you must also consider when you convert a garage to a living space.

*) Focus on the build quality of your garage and make sure it is not an old and distressed area. Only a strong build garage is ideal for a makeover.

*) Make sure that the further furnishings of your house blend ideally with the new build garage. The ceiling, floor, windows, and doors must match other rooms of your home.

Garage design ideas must be smart enough not to mingle with the rest of your house’s exteriors. It is necessary to ensure that you will not destroy the overall look of your home sweet home.

Ready to Apply Your Garage Conversion Ideas?

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Before you make any final call, consult with professionals and all relatable services that can help you in a garage makeover. Also, consider each of the details discussed and try not to exceed your budget. Once you are assured of all the results, aspects, and details of your house, start working on your garage conversion ideas.

Keep in mind; you must start this garage makeover by cleaning the garage first!





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